Spherism is the art movement created by Sferico which is based on circularity of things.

Spherism is the artistic current conceived by Sferico. If Cubism dissected and decomposed the object by portraying it from different angles, Spherism brings together all the characteristics of a given object and reshapes it into a “unitary vision”, that is to say in an all-round form. In other words, if in Cubism the movement was external to the object represented, in Spherism the movement is intrinsic to the object. The questioning of the relationship between artist and society occurred during the 20th century, with the avant-gardes, especially Dadaism, Futurism and Surrealism.They first took art away from the dangerous iconoclastic legacy, but after the Second World War almost all the artists abandoned the path of research in favor of a “passive” art (Richter reports fragments of comics, Warhol “serigraphs” photographs of Marylin, Jeff Koons sells Campari’s advertising) up to the conceptual where art making is obsolete. The artist, overwhelmed by the industrial era, having come to erase the boundary between reality and the ideal work, dictated by the intrinsic dream of man, presented reality as it is with the ready made. If art has been divided into sectors (material, conceptual, abstract …) with the consequent crisis of language, Sferico proposes the “pictorial and sculptural word”, where the making of art is an investigation into the existence against the “given of done“ of today, therefore research and not news. In Spherism we reach a synthesis between history and contemporaneity, between ideal and contingent, reaching the archetypal form in which the will of every man in his motivational office is embodied.