Sferico, Sculpture

In Sferico’s sculpture is shown the inventiveness of the artist in a total control of the free space in the dynamic of movement.


Surfaces of reflected light, substance turning into the temporal dynamic of the surrounding reality, the total transfer into bronze of Sferico`s clay studies, wax fusion lost to the aquatic.


Lava forged in the heart of the Earth solidifies into hexagonal columns which « return to liquid » in Sferico`s round-style, causing the mystery of the profundity of symbolic power to resurface.


Crystalline substance pure as snow, lines and spaces adhere to the world of Sferico`s philosophy, white as immaterial essence; an organic legible in the shading.

bronze patina

The bronze oxidizes in the atmosphere, the patina accelerates this process with fire and strata of oxides rendering the surface worked over by time.


Stone as the material of the hourglass of history, in the sediments in which Sferico digs a substance warm and soft as Mother Earth.

sferico arte povera materials

arte povera materials

Sculpture created in light, non-polluting materials, the precious thing is the mere pure form of a surface created by hand using mineral alloys. Project in the creative phase, first examples already operative.