Color, the art's blood

Philosophical Painting conceived by Sferico is a story structured by volumes and metaphysical perspectives where color and chiaroscuro merge for an attempt at balance.

Sferico “Salvation”
oil and amber painting on canvas

color as anthropomorphic chemistry

Color is the pulsating blood of Sferical painting. The lively palette of Sferico in the very pure colors, matched by harmonic contrast, find maximum expression in the chromatic dynamic as anthropomorphic chemistry. The world is portrayed as an iceberg tip, the scenario of reality appears as if in a dream, where the volumes become thinner in an immaterial consistency. The real driving force is the angelic circle that revolves around the sun and enters the matter, creating a “magical” vortex. On the lower left, the fossil story narrates the end. On contrary, on the right, the paradise is depositary of the history in the sky, that from the first forms of life arrives to cloudy human conformations. The central figure passes through color, space and light through a cut.

Sferico “The tree of knowledge”
oil and amber painting on wooden table

Sferico “Trinitarian force”
oil quartz and amber painting on canvas – Original