Sferico’s style equates with line, the drawing in the structural skeleton closed to the intuition that gives from to the idea.

sferico drawing

Sferico "Prayer" Study for a mural in Paris


sferico drawing

Sferico "Inchiostro china su carta", formato A3

Line identifies itself in Sferico’s own style. The drawing is the skeleton of the painting, without which it will lack a structural framework, the study of the line, from form to ideas, which will strengthen through colour and chiaroscuro. The lithe curves of the bodies traced by Sferico can ideally find analogy in the trajectories of dance gestures, so the drawn figures appropriate their own space, fluctuating to dissolve in it. This is why artistic inquiry takes years to mature, a journey back through history to the infancy of man to reveal the exquisiteness of lost harmony, giving it a new visual substance.

sferico drawing

Sferico "Innamoramento" spolvero preparativo dipinto, La persisenza della Vita


sferico drawing

Sferico "Studio della prospettiva"

The creative gesture will leave its graffiti on the traveller’s log in which Sferico will sketch the first strokes, preparatory pencil marks immediately follow in multiple variations on the same subject until it is torn to disproportion and to the incomplete, the version guided to a formal solution as close as possible to a visual functionality.

sferico drawing

Sferico "Volumi", idea d'origine

The planning work of a complex volumetric is brought to completion in the studio, with the scale development of the draft of the spatial structure, gauging volumes and perspectives. When the framework assumes a life of its own Sferico drops into it the living matter of the bodies, continually changing their position and size until he finds the exact placing dictated by the eye’s instinct. When the time is ripe to begin a work, it will take organic form, where Sferico works on the interior of the nascent work, for example the perimeter will be the final result of the process. Similarly, the theme of the work in progress will emerge only during the creative process.

sferico drawing

Sferico "Impianto strutturale di massima"